In the end of Mughal era, there was more turbulence in society than ever and some how the caste system stopped displaying its dysnamics. Is it mandatory to renew and valadity time for bc/obc certificate for Punjab and center. Thanks and regards In the social hierarchy of Rajasthan, they are placed in the middle of the higher castes and the Harijans. He evidenced it to prove that areas including present Pakistan and N India were influenced by the caste system which is affiliated to the prejudice and violence. I insist caste system is alien to guru granth Sahib, our holy book. State. Then why OBCs get only 5% reservation quota, Kya Sikh rajput caste mein PATGAL surname hai. Paul Pelliot supposed that they (the Kidarites) were a clan of Tukhars , perhaps, because they were settled in Turkharistan area. He. Difference Between BC and OBC caste certificate in India. I could feel the pride as if he was my distant uncle. [12], "Central List of OBCs: State: Madhya Pradesh", "CENTRAL LIST OF OBCs FOR THE STATE OF GUJARAT",, This page was last edited on 9 November 2022, at 15:49. I am living in last twenty years having all my documents like Aadhar card and ration card are verified from mehsana. Sir we are also in OBC caste . In the Notification No 8/76/95/2SWC-I/484, The Governor of Punjab is pleased to accept the recommendations of the Punjab State Backward Classes Commission, made in respect of Mehra Rajputs and Soni/Rajputs for their inclusion in the list of Other Backward Classes in the State of Punjab irrespective of their religion for the purpose of special treatment for promotion of their economic conditions and other interests. Country. People had enough of it and there is growing debate in all walks of Pakistani society. Ghumar Khera is a village situated in Malout tehsil of Muktsar district in Punjab. And then at other places they will boast how their religion is superior to other religions using caste system argument. -2 ? Helo SiR I belong Ramgarhia Caste and I am residing in West Bengal , @Ajmal sahab . 2. Like this member? Please send me your reply. IANS. Geeta rani vill.dangdehra,post off.sersini,tehsil derabassi,distic s.a.s.nagar mohali. Is it possible all my docuemnt my name mention is ravinder singh only. Caste. Please reply fast YOUR AR LISTED IN Kachhi (Shakya, Maurya and Kushwaha) BUT THERE IS ALL IS GOTRA ACTUAL CASTE OF THESE GOATRS IS KOERI, IN THE LIST OF CENTER CASTE LIST IS REGISTERED ON LY KOERI NOT KACHHI FOR THIS REASON I COULD NOT MAKE MY OBC CASTE CERTIFICATE. Sir I am 18 yrs. BC-Backward class people is a collective term, used by the Government of India, for castes which are economically and socially disadvantaged and face, or may have faced discrimination on account of birth. You have a very disarming way of writing that shows the mirror to the 'ghairatmand' and 'pure' of this nation without sounding condescending or overbearing. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. The two Dalit groups of the Chuhra and Chamar together accounted for 10% of the population. It is no surprise they are enlisted among Other Backward Castes (OBC) in many other states like Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, etc. Home Copyrights Last Login : 3 months ago . x]m. Stay connected for future notifications. Which Called General Caste, BC Caste, OBC Caste & SC Caste. I, Ram Saroop Sharma, want to know about the that there is any restriction on making the caste certificates wherther he is SC/BC/OBC and he is come from any other State like Himachal Pradesh, U.P., Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand etc. cast is kushwaha and we are living from many years in Punjab so please add our cast. and suggest to me which form need to fill get a certificate belong to Labana caste, Helo Sir. City jallandhar noormahal village bahadur surname( samra ) Most of them are from west Punjab/Pakistasn from where they migrated to India during 1947 partition. I am jatt sikh girl i wanted to know sikhism i said to belive ideology of no-casteism then why thesee others claiming themselves as sikh but enjoying sc st category also? OBCs constitute 31.3% of punjab population, SCs constitute 31.9% of punjab population according to 2011 census. Nice of you to quote the proverb against the "poor/low cast" people. Tell Dear sir,my name is surjeet Kumar.I belong to utter pardesh. [1], According to a legend prevalent among Kumhars .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, Once Brahma divided sugarcane among his sons and each of them ate his share, but the Kumhara who was greatly absorbed in his work, forgot to eat. Want to connect with us then please follow us on Facebook & Instagram. And, we Muslim and Non Hindu Mochi have been made victim of the fault of others. Same dance. Please tell me jhangi caste is belonging to which category?? Pls tell mee who are Batwals in punjab with details and prove..? of the total population. Anyway Comment karke puchhne ke liye aapka bahut-bahut dhanywad. will i again replay for punjab bc or it will same, I want to know that Chimba Caste is treated as BC or OBC in Punjab. A couple of examples are justice Munir and ZAB's case where the dissenting judges have written historic and correct decisions. Salam .peace, @Ali Tanoli: please reply me urgent. Country. To give some background, the ten largest castes together accounted for 60% of the population. Brahma was pleased by the devotion of the potter to his work and awarded him the title Prajapati. Gujjar is a famous Punjabi tribe and Mastoi are a Baloch tribe and they cannot be compared in any means . They are confused the currently prevailing caste system which are similar to the tribes the author has described. j jo certificate hai punjab mai job me reservation lene ke time form mai (bc) or (obc )fill / obc list ( Shah /gupta) surname used. The Scheduled Castes in North India have the largest number of Jatav {Chamar}. Harle cast matched in sc please which in your title problem, teji joter hai (majhbi sikh hai Gihara kucchband caste registration in Punjab st caste list, Sc caste list . Gangar Jatt/Tarkhan are also there. Sir i hear that gadariya caste is under SC category in punjab. ye kon see jati me aate hai, Valmiki,Bhangi and Majvishik Ye Caste Hai Bharat me, But Chura Ye ek gali hai ye koi caste nhi Pata nhi ye List kis Jahil Insan ne banai hai, Southey and bhamrota is in which category, ( , ), Plz add my caste in Punjab province caste list You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. our sur name is HANS . At weddings they worship an idol made of grass and set within a square drawn in the corner of the house, and cut the goat's ear and the jand twig like the Shi Jats. This clan owns 11 villages around Bhawanigarh and Ghumana in the Rajpura sub-district and one village in the Patiala sub-district. Obc or general? Plz reply, hlo, sir what is the status of jats being considered as obc after 2014, are they now eligible for obc category or not, please clerify? They all, bear these names after different cultural linguistic zones or caste groups but are termed as one caste cluster. Also Check the list of Schedule Caste. Maanch dance Notes: Maanch dance is a lyrical folk dance and drama which hails from Malwa region and is a state dance of Madhya Pradesh.It is performed in native Malwi language but now a days translated into Hindi for others to understand. Sir sikh rajput caste kya abhi bhi punjab me BC category m count hoti hai k general m..kya unko state gov. Please reply . As we know the Saini caste comes under the reserved category. Department: Welfare of Schedule Caste & Backward Classes, Your email address will not be published. [1] Among Hindus, inclusion of artisan castes, such as potters, in the Shudra varna is indisputable. My Surname is Dhembla.I would like to know in which caste this surname comes. I have great admiration and respect for this author. My name is rahul morya and my community is maurya . I will be very thank full to you my father is from punjab but i born in rajasthan. The Magahiya Kumhars are treated little inferior to the Kanaujias and the Turkaha (Gadhere). Respected Sir/Madam, The author has to understand the difference between tribes and castes. Forgot my favourite Jatt, Waqar Younis =P. Km hogi Kya merit, Sir doom caste R&O mein aati hai ja M&B mein plzz sir tell me. Regards, , can u provide me information on this mater kya general caste ko short form mein ur kha jata hai. Hello sir Kumhar or Parjapat are gerenal or bc. This is the Manikiala silver plate inscription of Gomana Karavaka. Shanker says. Copyright 2023 Census India, All rights reserved. Join Ghumar Vivaah Matrimony website to get a photo profile listing, unlimited contacts, messaging and mobile contact details for Free! I am from Ramghariya Community but I have no documentary proof (which is required to apply for OBC certificate) what to do now. Please reply it soon. Nalwa surname is which Cast Bagga,chalal,jassi,mostly are belong to ravidasia, Many are adharmi (chamaar) belong to these surnames as Many Rajputs mingled into Jats; some Bahmans got involved in business and became Khatris. With Humble regards , I state that my wifes SC certificate was issues by Delhi Govt. You are here: axel witsel age; javier hernandez parents; ghumar caste in punjab . Regards. know I want to make cast certificate so which cast certificate we make hear and what is processer can you give me idea about this please. The book is written in Gur mikhi or English or Urdu Hindi??? Khatris are a forward caste in Punjab but as we have seen that neither their social standing nor their occupations are uniform across the country. I don't know the reason, but caste creates some sort of affinity straight away, even if religion is different. , . dalita Dalit . Respected Sir, Who are the watras in the Punjabi caste? [12], H.A. Ghummans have population of 15,600 in Patiala district. then how can i proof that i am tarkhan. then also sent the details about that Notification . Sir still there are many discrepancies in this article. So I wants know my cast BC/ OBC . stream Yes, It is legal.Now you can apply for OBC Certificate. 1. This article was a mere explanation of some excerpts of one book who analyzed those people according to his own thinking and nothing else. Sangrur. The caste equation in Punjab throws up challenges of sizable magnitude, sometimes hard to fathom. Than due to casts & sub cast & for ajmal sarkar, one thing is most important and that is who promoted that caste system, who made it part of modern state craft, it were gazetteers and Britishers who made it part and parcel. Certificate chk karana ji, Muslim me manhir caste kis me atti b obc ye bc me plzz sier batya ye punjab me h ye nhi, Acharays barahmin belong to which caste in punjab. if yes then till what time ? while 6.3% were Jasbeer kaur nagi. In real sense Julaha, Suniara or Maacchi, can not be categorized as castes. Caste, Sub Caste : Ghumar. are Vermas still an obc in Punjab then what should be the family income for certified, Pl let me the sub caste of Kurmi caste in punjab. Please notify. What is the state dance of Madhya Pradesh? Kathak is one of the most versatile art forms in India. Is Bari caste belong to OBC in Punjab ? Sir you are utterly wrong. One can become a brahmin from a shudra caste by change in their gunas which are again divided into 3 ie Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. Ludhiana , Phillaur , Ahmedgarh , Jagraon are the nearby Cities to Ludhiana-1. And if it is in SC category where can i find that notice ? The Ghuman claim descent from the Janjua. 1998), Ghumar Khera village is administrated by Sarpanch Belong to obc cast, Punjab xp team [7][clarification needed] They are listed among Other Backward Classes in the state. Beestings are offered to him on the 11th badi every month: offerings are also made at weddings. Sikh rajput OBC certificate bnwa skde ne kya. Sir mujhe yeh jaan na hai ki 6/10/2016 ko Yadav/Ahir caste ke liye kis viakti ne latter likha tha un ka Name aur mobile number address chahiye kya aap meri madad krenge, Hello sir kabir panthi jullaha sc category mein he yaan bc confirm this, I want govt notification no 1/34/2016-RC-2/174 dated 14.10.2016, Hello sir jullaha bhagat kbair panthi kehdi category wich aande han ethe taan jullaha bc wich likhiya hoya ar kaiya ne sc de certificates bnaye han. Without caste system( brahminism) india would va have been a much better country. Rose writes that Ghumman ( ), Ghamman (), a tribe of Jats, found in Sialkot. Thus Ghumar Khera village has a Is JAWA caste falls under BC or SC category ? Punjab, with the highest proportion of Scheduled Caste population - 32% as per the 2011 Census - for any state in the country, a substantial and successful Dalit diaspora, and with prosperity . The above said caste is belong in both category list of BC/OBC in Punjab. Register FREE! Muslim Mochi also excluded from BC list of Punjab Government. Whether sub mountain area of hoshiarpur District comes under Dogra region? Sir mai chandigarh se hu.or meri caste Dhiman haisir chandigarh ki central obc list me khi b dhiman/turkhan ka obc ka mention nhi ho rakha bs lohar mention ho rkha kya sir mera obc ka certificate bn skta hai chandigarh me ? OK Thank You. Excellent article and I praise you for that. Q. The male literacy rate is 59.72% and the female Rajbhar caste will not be in your list. Chauhan caste is whichever sc or bc or obc??? Thank you, Sir Unfortunately we dont have any information about this at the moment. Sir, Goswami/Gosian cast declare as BC In Punjab since 2016, Now , but status of same cast in Punjab ?. As per the Census 2011, the literacy rate of Is there any difference between Jatia Chmar & Jativ ? I belong to Madhesia Halbai / Kanu caste. List Of Popular Punjabi Surnames With Meanings 1. are jatt not sikh? I am sure you must have read the famous book of HA rose and Sir . Ahuja i shall be very thankful to you for this.. Do shergills belong to general or SC category? Plz plz brother. @Shoaib: Good point. whose income is above 8 lacs. Indian citizens belonging to Mochi Caste whether Hindu, or Muslim or others have been equally getting the benefit for Reservation in BC list . The Kshatriyas are the second-highest of the four varnas representing warriors and aristocracy. Sir, Goldsmith (Sunar) Caste belongs to GEN Caste Category in Punjab State. I am in BC category in state list of punjab and in general in central list If you do your research you will see the truth. As per the Population Census 2011 data, following are some quick facts about Ghumar Khera village. BC list sno 69 mai kushwaha likha hai date 27/06/2003. Helo SiR I belong to Ramgarhia Caste and having certificate of OBC (in Punjab). I belong to the Ghumar caste and am looking for a match from the same community. Hello sir, It claims descent from Malkir, second in descent from the Lunar Race, Raja Dalip of Delhi. I m belongs to Abohar, distt Ferozepur, Punjab. . Does Bhatti(Muslim)cast belong to BC category? Register FREE! i want to know in which catogoty or caste MUWAL belong to.. generalbc.sci want to know everything about this caste. are males and Is there BC and OBC castes are considered same or different in Punjab? I am belong to lubana sikh cast . Mahar ya Jhir Caste ke log SC me aate hai. As per notification dated 4/5-12-2002 issued by state of Punjab, Department of Welfare, the Mochi caste has been excluded from the list of Backward Classes w.e.f. Can you brief about vimukar caste benefits/relaxiations. Also what a pity that he actually first divided people according to Religion and then Divided Sikhs into certain tribes and Muslims into others and this is sheer ignorance and nothing else. I belongs to gotra Kanda swarankar cast . City jalandhar village nakodar road all are maan Ghummans are there in 372 number in Amritsar district also.[15]. i want to know rehal cast . Rakesh jee Gadria/Gadraria Jaati Punjab me OBC Caste Category me aate hai. eska kya matlab hai. Mob.No:9779225644. Vivaah - Ghumar Matrimony - Search Ghumar Matrimonial Profiles in the leading Marriage site. In UP it belong to OBC . Cause i dont understand that in your list. As per notification dated 4/5-12-2002 issued by state of Punjab, Department of Welfare, the Mochi caste has been excluded from the list of Backward Classes w.e.f. So please about me knowledge. Today, an estimated 25,000 people in the province's Lower Mainland are Dalit; this may be the largest and oldest Dalit . Is nahar a jatt caste? The total population of Ghumar Khera is 1,582 out of which 826 are males and 756 . Tamil Nadu: . My caste knows obc. All videos copyrighted 2013, 2020 Elise Joan Molinelli. How I get get my certificate again. First of all. [3], Kumhars are found in Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Sholapur and Pune. IBBETSON Ssa ji I harpreet Singh I apply cast certificate my son bhupinder singh what patwari not signantuer his repart I am blonot cast ramdasia Sikh patwari say your not apply he say jo apply adarail cast plastic ans?????? Nais would start calling themselves Jats, Lohars became Khatris. 8 PUNJAB 8181 OTHERS . There seems to be lot of misinformation among Pakistanis about caste system. So please differentiate in them. kindly reply sir 843786****, is Bhatia caste falls as sc/st/bc/obc or other reserve categories Plz. Can you please tell me that BHATTI caste is schedule caste or schedule tribe, I am requesting about SAHI sir name in Punjab .request to fwd whether these sir name are general or SC or ST or OBC, Rammaiya sikh of bijnore belongs wich category St. No:6, Sardar Bastion, As per as we know that rajput belong to bc. Surname kumar, sir agar birth se punjab ki ho or shadi other state ho jaye to ladki ki caste kya hogi punjab me. But caste is no more important in "big cities" (Lahore, Islamabad, ) through the majority of Punjab (Seraiki areas and Potohar plateau) are still heavily concerned, which makes the majority of the Muslim Punjabis still caste-aware. I am living in Punjab State. Now, all of sudden, Pakistanis became Arabs, we inserted inscrutable Arabic words into our language, outlawed dance, bombed Sufi shrines, ate way more meat than we ever have, grew beards, banished the sari, hid under a hijab, and became the center of all things Islamic and violent. For such clarification, please consult NCBC, Government of India, New Delhi. From BharatMatrimony. Now In which category they belong further? Surname Gupta and shah used .. Sir aap humara caste category das do plz?., Kindly tell me ..which catagory sainis belongs to, Sir iam belongs from teli muslim caste when I applied for which category. India has a vast population in the state of Punjab. The Asharf and Ansar system of North Indian Muslims also has no existence here. Please tell me about similar cast name of kabirpanthi gotra. Authorities as JATIYA CHMAR. Upar article me maine update bhi kiya hai. Sir I want to make obc certificate but Mehra rajpoot not coming in portal but I search under Google list of obc caste we have to showing Mehra Rajput . The population of Children aged 0-6 years in Ghumar Khera They are generally thought of as arrogant and proud people. Punjab has the heighest ratio of Schedule caste in india ( 35 percent of states population). endobj Occupation : Not working. 1,038 One person getting killed does not reflect on society. Hello Sir, Sandhu is what majhabi or which caste. A study in the journal Nature has thrown light on how India's deeply entrenched caste . But my caste is not in this list. can u tell me plzzz in which category this cast plzz as soon as possible. hello sir Issues of caste superiority noticed in the follow-up blogs. Please let me know what to. Saini caste general category ch si par BADAL SARKAAR NE SADE NAAL NA INSAFI KITI SANU OBC CH PAA DITA ASI GENERAL CH SI PEHLA TE HUN VI RHA GE, Sikh ragout KONSI CATEGORY MAI HAI OBC JA GENERAL. Nowhere in Pakistan is there the kind of caste affiliation that exists in India. Their population wasas under: Rajkumar Rupinder Singh of Retgarh, Estate:- Retgarh, Dynasty:- Ghuman, Source - Jat Kshatriya Culture, Ptolemy, Outline of Geography, pp. Elise Joan fitness videos soon in all rooms of Four Seasons Whistler Resort. anthalay surname wich is the cast. Assa singh talwandi president punjab all india vimukat jati sawak Sangh, Welfare of Schedule Caste & Backward Classes, the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) order 1950, Holiday list for Employees of Punjab and Haryana High Court, 2019, Transfer Policy for Government employees 2018, Academic/ Vidayak Calendar 2019-20 Punjab School Education. 2% Reservation for vimukat jati .How can banificial take benifit of reservation ?When is it applying?Why not mention in advertisement? Thus as per the Census 2011 the Child Sex Ratio of Ghumar Khera is In the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) order 1950, The Schedule, PART VII-PUNJAB, Batwal is belong to Scheduled Caste. Remove castism. All that changed when Pakistan was formed and even more so under Zia ul haq. Hello sir is Arayi caste belong to any of the backward classes or before? Same language (ok, mixed in some Arabic and Persian). Basically, "he" and "she" are " (kare)" and " (kanojo)" in Japanese. I am belonging to Bihar. Allah u Akber. . I am sure this caste is add in BC in bihar, Please sir add this caste in BC in Punjab. I am belong to Saini Cast (BC) but I stay in Maharashtra ok . sir i want to ask when sikh is called itself is minority and they claim on top of the voice that sikhism dont belive in castism then why jatt are kept aside from obc or sc st category? We have large numbers of Sikh profiles on matrimonial worldwide. Manoj Kumar, 393,Near Church which is Also my sister from Distt. Same is likely to happen with Pakistani Islam. literacy rate compared to 58.2% of Muktsar district. Sanpal's wives were of various castes and so his children sank to Jat status. Aheria, Aheri, Heri, Naik, Thori or Turi. Gumar and Ghuman are the same. these are occupational titles for those who opt different occupation as per their needs and circumstances. 13 , Kushwaha ( koeri) hota hota hai mera certificate nahi ban raha appne Lambani women specialise in lepo embroidery, which involves stitching pieces of mirror, decorative beads and coins onto clothes. Below are the list of villages near Ghumar Khera village in Malout. kindly reply Its an very urgent. The caste system in Himachal Pradesh is divided into four main categories: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. There are 106 male children Gola is a common surname among Kumhars in Madhya Pradesh. Epics of Gilgamesh and Trojan War contain the glimpses of the heritage of the people of N Subcontinent. See also Which was the first newspaper of Punjab? Ans: The name of that cast is Chamar & Dalit. It relates to Urdu language too. Rose Vol II/G, Your email address will not be published. if yes then till what time ? VHD7538 36 Yrs | 4ft 4in - 132cm | Sikh | Hindi | Sikh Ghumar | High School in Shipping | Accountant | India, Punjab, Jalandhar View Full Profile Register to contact & message for FREE VHP5148 it is a sorry state of affairs. @a>P~ X-U.|X,lVqY*YTL'OzOo?ww~7?{{7}w?>]f _>|??|bNt=9-C4ggryq Sir kya Choudary caste obc me ati hai. They are Punjabi Khatris. If not please provide form of BC, Remove caste system it will help in solving many problems, Hello sir I am Yadav . 64 Sanyasi, Sadhu, Sanyasi Bawa 8/76/95/2SCW-I/7802 dated 19-9-1996 Declared as OBC for indefinite period for the category of obc ? Thanks, please tell that for how many years a OBC Certificate is Valid. Star : Anuradha. If any restriction or any prohibtion is imposed in any notification of the Punjab Govt. Bhatias Another minor Sikh commercial caste is that of Bhatias. Authorities as JATIA CHMAR. Waise bhi Government Sabhi logo ke bhalai ke liye hi koi bhi Nirnay leti hai. I hope this answer will help you. [3], The potters are classified into Hindu and Muslim cultural groups. Location : Punjab,India. while Schedule Tribe (ST) were Brahman, Khatri, Aroras, Goldsmiths, Banias are the high Caste decided by birth, can not be changed by marriage. Family income 12lakh is able to make bc certificate caste, Hello sir ! Plz respond me. weaver jullaha is an bc caste then why show it in sc list ? st @Prabhjyot Singh Madan: A note of consequence and I fully endorse the views of Bhai Prabhjyot Hello sir , Is changes Brahman belongs to BC category. What that means, pleasure tell! There is another term concocted by the haves against have nots that is "namak haram". This page was last edited on 2 January 2022, at 16:14. Maan sandhu kalsi basra samra bagga banga bhatia bains. Sir, is Saini cast still an OBC. Thank You for Commenting. You Are absolutly right Kamail Singh Jee. So tribe system is a good thing if sense of superiority could be removed and everyone could be considered equal as tribes could work like your extended family. Find Lakhs of verified Ghumar Grooms profiles at Jeevansathi. Mohali , Punjab , Can we get the status of reserved category as the rajputs are shown in the list of B.C./O.B.C. jo Rajput (obc ) caste ka certificate banta hai usme (obc/bc ) hota hai are females thus the Average Sex Ratio of Ghumar Khera is They speak in Marathi among themselves but in Marathi as well as Hindi with outsiders. Means a slave is always a slave and if he/she tries to get out and demand equality and rights then they term the person "namak haram". Welfare of Schedule Caste & Backward Classes,, Holiday list for Employees of Punjab and Haryana High Court, 2019, Transfer Policy for Government employees 2018, Academic/ Vidayak Calendar 2019-20 Punjab School Education, Nais (including Sub Caste Kuleen Brahman), *14352-WG-II-58/19938 (3496 ch) dated 24/27-11-1958, Corrigendum vide No. 2022 Government of Punjab. Kaharwa which is sung by Kahar caste at the time of wedding, Chanayani which is a type of dance music, . Register; Search Regular search Advanced search Soulmate search . . i want to know that in which catelogery of sikh we come, sir,i am from punjab and want central obc certificate for central job reservation for which i filled the form and they made bc certificate and said bc, obc are same but their formats are different .please tell me what to do. I am sc st or obc?????? hello sir I am harish, belong to Yadav caste in Punjab as per given notification, the Yadav caste is in Obc category from 6oct 2016 ,but still Patiala suwidha centre not making y adav Obc certificate instead of BC ,please reply. They also propitiate their ancestors by pouring water over a goat's head so that he shakes it off. Sir as mentioned above in serial number 69 kacchi( shakya,maurya&kushwah ) category comes under BC & OBC but till when it is declared up Is it for some specified time . [1][6], Hathretie and Chakretie (or Challakad) Kumhars are found in Madhya Pradesh. [4] See also [ edit] Thirty-five years in the Punjab respectly sir / madam I blonges the sansi , my caste is beedhoo . Sir, where I can see list of persons who received backward classe certificate in year 1993. Caste. I enjoy Abrar-ul_haq's Jatt songs. But we are unable to specify any notice.
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